Getting Started with Flow

Flow was designed by dentists who had a need to improve their own practice workflow and ensure that they were maximizing customer service and providing efficient treatment to patients.


Pick your Hardware

We recommend having one tablet in each of the following areas of your practice:

  • One in each operatory
  • One at each reception workstation
  • One in each administrative/clinician office
  • One in the sterilization room 
  • One in the staff room 

Alternatively, for locations where it is crucial to see the dashboard, but not necessarily interact with it, a chromecast stick is a great alternative and can display the dashboard on any screen or television in a larger format versus a tablet.  This is a great option for areas like sterilization bays and staff rooms.

Flow Tablet
Flow Tablet Stand
Flow Chromecast


Choose your Subscription

We offer monthly and annual subscription options, with savings tied to an annual subscription.


Set up your System

All of your ordered hardware will arrive at your clinic and will be ready to use.  All you need to do is deploy the hardware in the rooms and areas you require and turn them on. You can customize your Flow from the administrator panel.


Start Flowing