Simplicity meets efficiency

Flow is a dental clinic notification system designed to help dentists and clinic owners increase production and staff efficiency, while enhancing the patient experience.

Why you'll love it

Flow allows dentists to maximize production and improve clinic operations, all while strengthening staff morale. Most importantly, Flow helps deliver a better patient experience. It is a simple application that runs on touchscreen tablets and can be implemented in minutes.

How it works

The Flow Notification System is designed by dentists for dentists. It is ready to activate and implement right out of the box. No complex setup process, no networking or cumbersome cables, and no need for wasting time training staff.

Why Flow?

Dental practices that thrive today have learned one simple truth: efficiency is everything. Excellent patient care, a dedicated staff, and cutting-edge equipment, keep patients coming back, but managing those patients efficiently makes the difference between a clinic that prospers and one that remains stagnant. Flow was designed by dentists who had a need to improve their own practice workflow and ensure that they were maximizing patient service and providing efficient treatment to patients.

Flow is so simple. It requires no networking or complicated wiring and does not rely on your existing IT system. There is virtually no staff training needed to implement the app. It is completely self-contained and can be up and running in any dental clinic, large or small, within minutes.

If you are looking for a system to take your clinic’s efficiency to the next level, we believe you have found what you are looking for.